Lexi Lane - Model for hire


MUA - Rachael H

Photography by - Jake41

Lexi has 77 references and is recommended in 77 of them.

Nomad said...

Second shoot with Lexi, after far too long at Woodbridge Studio. I thought Lexi was great a few years ago but she has improved to be just fantastic. So easy to work with and fun with it. Very professional on and off camera. We created some lovely images and I am entirely happy with the results. Highly recommended to all, I won't be leaving it so long before another session. Big smile

Shot 5 months ago

Marc Prior Photography said...

This is my 2nd shoot with the lovely Lexi, this time I travelled to Woodbridge Studio where she was holding a studio day there, with Natasha Kalashnikova. I was the last couple of slots of a busy day for Lexi, yet she greeted me with as much energy as if it were the first slots of the day.

I hadn't shot at Woodbridge before, so both Lexi and Natasha were kind enough to show me around and, as this was Natasha's home, offered plenty of ideas and possibilities to work with.

Once I'd had the tour Lexi showed me what she had with her, and we set off to create some amazing images. Lexi is a natural poser and moulds herself to where she's asked to stand/pose, which was handy on the spiral staircase!

For the Last hour of my shoot Natasha joined Lexi for a few portraits. I had this one image I wanted to try and create and after a few giggly moments, coz we all need a bit of a giggle sometimes, Lexi and Natasha nailed the shot perfectly.

Thank you Lexi for an amazing 2nd shoot, I look forward to working with you again in the future. Smile

Shot 5 months ago

Terry Slater said...

I have been lucky enough to work with the lovely Lexi at my studio in Valencia. A true professional in every sense of the word. I could just repeat all of the good things which others have already said about her but others have said it more eloquently. I cannot wait to work with her again, and again, and again.

I recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Shot 7 months ago

Harvey Gordon said...

I have known Lexi for over 4 years. We have become close friends and have shot together several times, but this is the first time we have spent 6 days together with other models and photographer on our Spain shoot in Xatavia. It did not disappoint Smile She is a lovely person, a great model and now also a talented photographer. I highly recommend her.

Shot 7 months ago

Imbrium said...

Yet another great shoot with Lexi.

As always, Lexi is hard working, professional, managed to make sense of my directions and contributed a lot of good ideas to the shoot, as well as being productive the shoot was also a lot of fun!

I certainly plan to shoot with Lexi again.

Shot 8 months ago

StormBringer said...

Still learning the ropes working in studios and with models - so took Lexi's open offer to work with newcomers at her home studio. What a great decision!

Pre-shoot comms great - many emails exchanged. I didn't really set out with a specific shoot agenda but to treat it as a learning experience, pretty much gave Lexi free rein in terms of styling and wardrobe. For my part, being first 'solo' shoot wanted to discuss what the model expects from us photographers - especially those new in the arena. Lexi and her MUA Rachael certainly gave me plenty of advice, tips, what to do, what not to do, etc.

Learnt plenty on my part, hopefully we managed to create some great shots as well - hot drinks virtually on tap - you certainly wouldn't leave thirsty!

Would certainly recommend Lexi, Lane Home Studios and Rachael. Can see myself working with you all again.

Now to edit the images!

Shot last year

mysecretme said...

Lexi is a joy to work with! Communications before the shoot were excellent and she had arranged a very competent MUA to help create the 50's glamour look I was after. Lexi is also an accomplished photographer herself and this means she has a clear understanding of what works, as well as being able to push ideas in the right direction.

She made the shoot fun as well as professional, not an easy task. She also has the rare skill of being able to balance taking direction and giving her own suggestions and input.

Being based in her own Lane Home Studio meant that she was also never short of an outfit, accessory or idea.

If you get the opportunity to work with Lexi, grab it.

I'll certainly be working with Lexi again as her versatility means there are lots more ideas to shoot......

Highly recommended.

Rachael Henighan said...

Lexi is a beautiful spirited lady, very down to earth with a warming nature. Easy and fun to work with and is determined to capture the best images as a model. Looking forward to working with Lexi again, highly recommended.

Shot 3 days ago

Nickotine said...

After nearly a year without a shoot I choose Lexi to tentatively dip my toe back into model photography.

I am delighted with my choice. From the welcoming smile, coffee and hot sausage rolls Lexi made me feel relaxed and in the company of a model who knew what she was doing and is on your side. This made my afternoon productive and yes, fun!

Lexi's wardrobe covered all the styles I could think of and her ideas, help and positive outlook all combined to make for a superb shoot.

Thank you Lexi. I would certainly like to return.

Russb said...

I'm so pleased that I got to work with Lexi a couple of days ago. Our discussions started several months ago but boy am I glad that we both persevered and I was finally able to shoot her at her home studio. What can I say : Lexi is a veritable ball of energy: brimming with confidence, super company to be with and a highly accomplished model with a legion of poses and expressions, oh and a versatile adaptable home studio to boot. I am really pleased with the images that we got: Lexi selected a series of lovely clothing and jewelry options for the themes that I had suggested and they looked great on her toned body. A wonderful lady to work with: I don't think anyone could run out of ideas with her.

Shot last week

B.Mins said...

My second shoot with Lexi, this time at her own studio. All I've said before still stands: she's a bundle of energy and creativity and a wonderful model to work with. Definitely recommended.

Shot 2 weeks ago

foy said...

Was lucky enough to conduct my 3rd shoot with Lexi yesterday.

She was (as always) a very able/professional and fun model to work with.

Since we last worked together Lexi has made her home a proper studio and was able to set up an amazing scene for an idea I had which really is a great service and adds a whole other dimension to just shooting a model at home.

Would happily recommend Lexi and look forward to our next shoot together.

Shot 2 months ago

Jake41 said...

Well it did not take me long to return the Lane Home studio at get the lovely Lexi front of my camera again.

Her new set is awesome and we tried various poses and lighting techniques throughout the afternoon. Working from natural light to studio lights. Lexi poses complimented the lighting I was trying to achieve. She understood my fingering pointing and moved limbs accordingly. Each pose was a delight to shoot. Lexi made the whole session even more enjoyable than the first one. Her amazing hair, and toned figure gave me a range of images which will be in my favourites for a very long time. If you get the chance to shoot her, grab it with both hands, you will not regret it. Highly recommended.

Shot 2 months ago

Jake41 said...

There are some good shoots, there are some very good shoots, and then there are some firking awesome shoots! Lexi was the awesomeness in our shoot. She is totally professional when it comes to modelling. Great pre shoot comms. Gave me an amazing amount of outfits to choose from. She can pose without direction, but also executed anything I asked her to do with ease. She has a stunning figure and would just keep going until you tell her to take a break. She has a great personality and is really fun to work with. In fact we are talking about a second shoot already. Lexi has my highest recommendation and I am kicking myself for not shooting her before now.

Shot 3 months ago

SimonS said...

My first time at a home shoot and was a little nervous. I thoroughly recommend Lexi. She is fun to work with, and put me at ease straight away. She is wonderful to shoot, easy going and completely relaxed. I really enjoyed myself Lexi, and thanks for your patience and support. I'll be back just for that hair and those eyes - they're amazing.

Shot 4 months ago

VisualXstasy said...

Ahhhhh where to begin with this lickle gem, I freakin LOVE her!

Travelled down yesterday to her home studio to shoot Rosa Brighid and Lexi and as always, had the time of my life, a laugh a minute, gorgeous girl and awesome personality, easy to pose and direct, camera loves her, cannot wait til next time! Cheers Lexi! X

Shot 6 months ago

Illu said...

i worked along side lexi last Friday and all i can say is what a crazy day fun filled and enjoyable i will defo be working again with her with all her craziness

Shot 7 months ago

LeahD said...

Lexi was literally one of the most down to earth, and caring model/photographer I have ever met. She made me feel very at home and comfortable, will definitely be working with her again

Shot 7 months ago

Vivian Blue said...

Lexi is a lovely down to earth girl who is a brilliant model, we worked together on a g/g shoot with ADWSphotos, Lexi is easy to get on with and I felt comfortable around her straight away, I loved the ideas she had for the shoot and I think we created some amazing images together Smile I can't wait to work with lexi again I would ump at the chance to work with her if I was a photographer! all the best viv x

Shot 7 months ago

ADWsPhotos said...

I had my second trip to see Lexi last week. Accompanied by the lovely Vivian Blue, we planned out a couple of days of photographic jolliness. And great it was too.

As mentioned on my earlier reference, Lexi is a little bundle of fun and joy. She reminds me of a little lady elf or pixie, with a very lovely slim figure, pretty little face and some of the most amazing hair I've seen in my efforts in model photography.

We shot both on location in a WWII bunker (where Lexi's heels were so high they made my nose bleed) where her experience and posing ability shone through. Both in fashion and nude, Lexi showed her skills and captured the moment wonderfully, switching from fragile and delicate, to sassy and challenging in a moment.

The following day I had the fun of shooting with both Lexi and Vivian on a g/g shoot in Lexi's home studio. Again, Lexi dropped into character brilliantly, matching Vivian wonderfully despite the difference in their heights. A great shoot, I'm delighted with the results.

Lexi is friendly, fun and experienced. She'll do whatever she can to get you the shot you're looking for. I'm sure we'll be working together again in the not too distant future.

Thanks Lexi. Highly Recommended

Shot 7 months ago

Reza said...

I had a great shoot with Lexi at the end of May at her studio in Kent. Although the day was advertised as a studio shoot, Lexi agreed to go do some outdoor shoots in a couple of areas close to her studio.

Lexi was absolutely fabulous to work with. I'd decided to shoot towards the end of the day so the lighting was variable and Lexi was very patient and friendly whilst I fiddled with settings and got things going.

Overall I'd highly recommend anyone to work with her - she's very friendly and a great hostess at her studio too.

Shot 8 months ago

keiths pics said...

I recently spent 4 days with Lexi at her home studio She is a great host and we had lots of laughs inbetween shoots. There is an added bonus that within a few mins drive there are some fantastic locations that i could never tire of shooting in and will definatly be down again soon for a few more days

Shot 8 months ago

Amanita Storm said...

Proffessional, beautiful, talented, creative, an amazing cook/tea maker/hostess/friend etc etc! Lexi Makes you feel so at home and comfortable - especially after the long drive over - she made me and my fiancé an amazing lunch and her beautiful little Marley is an absolute ASSET to her and the studio! Smile

He is perfectly behaved, lovable and very cute, but stays out of the way when told to and does Lexi very proud!

Me, my fiancé and Lexi clicked instantly and I'm certain in saying we'll be seeing a lot more of her in the near future!

I will be coming back very soon to shoot and stay a couple of nights in August, looking forward to it already!!!

Thanks sooooooo much Lexi Smile

Peace and love,

Just Jess x

I will be coming back

Shot 7 months ago

Marco Giorno Photography said...

I had a shoot with lexi at her home yesterday. She is a confident model and takes direction well. She also comes up with her own ideas.

She is fun to work with and has a great sense of humour.

The coffee is above average and plentiful x

I would fully recommend.

Shot 8 months ago

SimonsPhotography said...

Had a great shoot with Lexi at her home / studio. Very professional approach, great natural posing and fun host and person. Recommend both Lexi and Lane Home Studio for the many setups and Tetris / Transformers re-arrangements of every room to accommodate the shooting requirements.

Shot 9 months ago

Lunak9x said...

Had a great shoot and a good laugh with lexi,her coms were excellent leading up to the shoot.i recommend her to anyone,she has a wide range of outfits and wigs should they be required.lexi was so easy to work with, made myself and partner very welcome to her studio, very professional and natural will happily work with her again

Marley- is a lovely big dog,don't be put off by his bold show, he is a big softie and even my partner can be nervous around big dogs loved him, would also state,he is good at posing for pictures apparently he taught lexi all she knows( he told me!)

Shot 9 months ago

Brian Pow said...

Recently arranged a studio viewing (Lexi Lane Home Studio) and asked to incorporate a shoot at the same time.

Lexi is so easy to get on with, in fact felt like we had known each other for years, Lexi did her own make up and is very professional in her approach to modelling. The shoot went brilliant with some banter along the way. A very natural model who can offer input into the shoot if required and can move to the next pose whilst I was still viewing the previous shoot.

Lexi is a brilliant host too with tea/coffee available and arranging rooms/props not a problem.

Recommend Lexi and give her Home Studio a go too you wont be disappointed.

Shot 10 months ago

Stephen Hawkins said...

First time shooting with the lovely Lexi. Preshoot comms were good. Fabulously easy to get on with and my nerves instantly vanished the moment I met her. A fun professional attitude, making sure I got what I wanted out of the day.

Lexi is an absolute joy to work with, a beautiful lady on the inside, and out!

Working out the details for another time with her, and I honestly can't wait until the next shoot with Lexi. I can't recommend her enough.

Oh and a quick word about Lexi's guardian, Marley. Adorable, and very well behaved! Could easily have taken him home with me.

Thank you for making it such a great day Lexi. Until next time....

Shot 10 months ago

NatashaTamsinMUA said...

I had the great opportunity to make up (and photograph) this beautiful lady yesterday, it's always fun putting make up on people who don't usually wear much atall, we went for a completely different look to her usual and I loved all her quirky poses. She rocked the looks even though they were out of her comfort zone and I can't wait to start editing the pics! Thanks Smile

Shot 11 months ago

John Forest said...

I have just had the pleasure of working with Lexi for the first time and can totally recommend her to other photographers. As well as being thoroughly professional in all aspects of her modelling she is a joy to work with and has a great sense of humour. Our session at her studio just flew by under the watchful eye of loyal Marley. I look forward to working with her again. Thank you, Lexi.

Shot 11 months ago

Barney Douglas said...

I first worked with Lexi for an incredibly brief hour at a group shoot in 2013. Well it felt brief because the time just flew by. Today was my first opportunity since then to work with Lexi ... and this time at her home ... and yes, the time flew by again, although this time we had much more time available to us. Shooting material for three of my regular clients, plus a bit of stock for me, Lexi threw herself into the task in hand with her trademark enthusiasm and produced great image after great image. I promise we'll work together again much sooner next time. Thank you so much.

Shot last year

Imbrium said...

My 5th shoot with Lexi at her home studio was a great success, she is very easy to work with, managing to be a serious hard working professional as well as being a really good laugh. This time we mainly shot in the white room set, she was able follow my plans and come up with many great new ideas as well.

I would recommend her to any photographer and certainly plan to shoot with her again.

Shot last year

JJ Images said...

Had a great afternoon with Lexi. This was my first nude shoot with a professional model so I had been quite apprehensive. From the start I found myself being totally relaxed. Not only is she a great subject to shoot is great company to. Marley the dog was totally laid back and just acted as a four-legged chaperone. Wouldn’t have known he was there during the actual shoot. Lexi is a real professional producing pose after pose. Studio facilities were great. Planning another shoot in the very near future. Thank you Lexi

Shot last year

ADWsPhotos said...

I've just had the great pleasure of shooting with Lexi. What a lovely young lady.

First and most relevant for this reference, Lexi is a super, professional model. Before we met her communications were excellent, some of the best I've experienced. Lexi has lovey elfin features, fabulous slender figure. She's very flexible and can achieve some amazing poses. Her experience shines through, she works brilliantly with very little direction and is totally determined to do her part capture the images you've got in your mind, or give you ideas to capture what she might have in hers if you invite them. And of course her amazing hair can't be overlooked. We'd planned a range of styles prior to the shoot, and covered all of them. Personality wise she is a star, absolutely hilarious, very down to earth and very caring.

It being a bit of a trek, the boss and I decided to stay in her area for a couple of days, and Lexi insisted we stayed with her. So as a second part of the reference, she's a great hostess.

Third comes Marley, her faithful canine chaperone (aka pet) deserves a mention, extremely well behaved, remarkably friendly (I suspect my missus has just become one of his best friends)

Finally, she has designed her home to dual function as a studio (see Lanes Home Studio) which made achieving a great range of shots very simple. The speed and enthusiasm with which Lexi can reconfigure a room is awesome.

Great work Lexi, thanks. Very much looking forward to working together again. Come and see us soon.

Highly reccommended

Shot last year

steve26 said...

Had a short shoot with Lexi this evening both of us had good fun trying out things and both of us think a second shoot will have to be arranged after Xmas.

Lexi's doggie chaperone was a lot of fun playing with his toys whilst he kept watch over his mistressto make sure she stayed safe..Her home studio has a lot to offer for locations but to get the most effect its best to bring your own lights as I found it hard to work out the best setup with hers..

Shot last year

Michael T said...

Its taken quite a while to get to work with Lexi but certainly worth the wait. A genuine, professional and hard working model to work with. Terrific fun with a great sense of humor. Her house has a number of excellent areas for working. Although chaperoned by Marley (a dog) he was on his best behavior and wouldn't have known he was was there. I really hope to work with her again.

Shot last year

foy said...

Had my second shoot with Lexi yesterday. Has done her house up into a proper mini studio since my last visit which was great fun to shoot in.

Lexi was as amazing as ever, my style of shoots aren't the easiest but she took it all in her stride.

Very professional and fun to work with - look forward to working together in the future.

Shot last year

Alientrain said...

Great time shooting with Lexi. Shot at her studio home. When she's finished with her plans for it, it will be an even better place to shot from. Great locations around to shot from as well. Great personality and a wonder to work with. Would highly recommend her and will defiantly be working with her again. Cheers Lexi

Shot last year

Marc Ayres / buddha1975 said...

This was my third shoot with Lexi and as always she was amazing. This was a last minute booking and I am so glad she answered my casting call. She is very professional, great comms, full of ideas to enhance my project, in fact, I couldn't ask for more. Can't wait to work with her again Smile

Shot last year

Nomad said...

What a great shoot today. Lexi is full of fun and a great person to chat to but once in front of the camera oh so professional. Really enjoyed my time with Lexi, would recommend and already planning our next shoot.

Shot 2 years ago

foy said...

Had the absolute pleasure of working with Lexi today. Communication was excellent leading upto the shoot, on the day she was very professional, needed no direction and was very willing to try out everything I threw at her on what was her first proper shoot of this type.

Lexi was fun to work with and I hope to work with her again soon, can't recommend enough!

Shot 2 years ago

Imbrium said...

Another great shoot with Lexi. As always, Lexi is hard working, professional and full of great ideas and can produce a huge range of great poses.

Her studio areas are very good to work in, and she makes a very nice cup of tea!

I plan to shoot with Lexi again.

Shot 2 years ago

Martin Robinson said...

A brilliant model....

It was her first time sitting for artists and all were unanimous in how good she was coming up with and holding inspiring poses.

Then our on our photographic location shoots, she put in lots of suggestions and threw herself 100% into things.

Great fun to work with & I hope she will return soon.

Shot 2 years ago

Paul Kent said...

I had my first shoot with Lexi yesterday. She is a warm, welcoming and professional model and very eager to make the shoot a successful one. I have no hesitation in recommending her to other photographers.

Whats more she is absolutely beautiful and makes a great cup of coffee! I hope to work with her again.

Check my profile for some images of Lexi.

Shot 2 years ago

Horoma Photography said...

Lexi's confidence and sense of humor made the nerves and awkwardness of my first solo model shoot a thing of the past.Great model to work with and hope to do so again in the future.

Shot 2 years ago

Credenza said...

I had a very enjoyable and productive shoot at Lexi's home studio. She moves seamlessly from one pose to another, provides an endless flow of variations on a theme and responds well to photographer requests. She's very focused on her work, and at the same time warm, friendly and amusing. Her long, long hair is fantastic and she has great skin quality and natural beauty.

I strongly recommend her and would love to work with her again.

Shot 2 years ago

pose4me said...

I have not worked with Lexi, This comment is just to say that I have received one of the kindest message from her for me liking some of her images. Thanks Lexi, although we are opposite ends of the country I am sure we will cross path soon and do some creative work.

Shot 2 years ago


This was my second shoot with Lexi.

I feel like I've known Lexi forever, she is so easy to get along with. She was very easy to work with and is prepared to go the extra mile for the right shot.I have some excellent images from the day. I hope to work with her again in the future and thoroughly recommend.

Shot 2 years ago

esteem said...

I worked with Lexi a couple of days ago, and OH MY GOD what an amazing girl. She is amazing. She let me stay and shoot in her home, whilst being an excellent host. I then proceeded to shoot with her, and she is incredible. She is definitely one of the best model's I have worked with, lots of fun, lots of enthusiasm and a brilliant lady. Book now!

Shot 2 years ago

Imbrium said...

Lexi is such a great model to work with, and can run though a wide range of fantastic classic poses with hardly any direction. Professional, hard working and fun to work with. Her studio spaces are good to shoot in and there was a choice of different backdrops. (She makes a nice cup of tea as well!). I certainly plan to shoot with Lexi again.

Shot 2 years ago

SeanB said...

I had a great shoot with Lexi on Monday. Poor weather ruled out the outdoor work we'd planned, so we had to improvise a little, but we still managed a productive shoot.

Very easy to work with, professional but chatty and fun, and I hope to be able to revisit our outdoor ideas in the future.

Shot 2 years ago

Tornado1464 said...

Lexi is an absolute gem of a model, had a great time working with her. A great professional approach but at the same time she was a very warm funny woman that made me feel very much at ease. Lexi takes the camera and makes it come alive with her posing and great looks. If you have not booked Lexi then i urge you too ! she is dynamic and gorgeous to boot. Thank you Lexi.

Shot 2 years ago

Barney Douglas said...

What an incredible asset Lexi is to any shoot. Pro-active, responsive, incredibly photogenic and just an amazing subject. Wow. A*. Fantastic.

Shot 2 years ago

B.Mins said...

Lexi stepped in at the last minute to fill a gap left by a cancellation the night before a shoot. Even with such short notice her communications were excellent and we quickly covered everything I felt we needed to, and gave me confidence that we'd be able to wing it on the day.

At the shoot, Lexi was an absolute bundle of energy and enthusiasm and a really lovely person to work with. She was very professional and focussed on making sure we got the pictures I wanted, and was very quick both at coming up with ideas and poses herself and also at working with my ideas and directions to get the most out of them in a very short time.

Highly recommended!

Shot 2 years ago

SDN Photography said...

I shot Lexi at her home 26/7/13. A genuinely nice and relaxed model who takes direction with ease but needs little. She is very professional and full of ideas but happy to try anything new too. A delight to work with and I would be very happy to do so again. Recommended.

Shot 2 years ago

Paul Crusier said...

HI All,

I wanted to leave Lexi a reference from our shoot on Friday.Lexi has good communication before and during the shoot.She is creative with her posing and is very willing to take direction.I would also like to let other TOGS know that I went with one of Lexi offers of pay up front and receive a good deal with her rates and the amount of hours she would be willing to work with you.

I would recommend working with her.

Shot 2 years ago

cawpops said...

Just had my first shoot with the lovely Lexi and what a bundle of fun and energy and at the same time she is a very professional model and a natural poser she also has some very good locations nearby. A great model and a great young lady, and I would recommend her to all photographers.

Shot 2 years ago

David Taylor said...

Another perfect day spent working with Lexi, as we continue to build photosets from other shoots we have produced, and will create much more in the future.

My clients are very keen to see our work and I am very confident that this production shoot will give us a lot more work.

Both Lexi and I have a hot working relationship and the results from our works do create a big interest!

As always we both had a fun day and lots of giggles n laughter!

Looking forward to the rest of the summer months working with her on location in stead of the studio.

Shot 2 years ago

Dieselpunk studios said...

amazing first shoot with lexi great model and a credit to ant ones port

Shot 2 years ago

Henry James Photography said...

Had a fantastic shoot with Lexi 4 weeks ago. Was so busy choosing from the couple of hundred excellent shots that I only just got around to commenting, woops. Lexi had plenty of outfits and more importantly enthusiasm. A natural poser which made my job a whole lot easier. And wait until you get a load of those eyes. Lovely. Would definitely recommend Lexi and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Shot 3 years ago

Jon Williams said...

What a bundle of professional energy & fun Lexi is. With the bitter wind blowing off the Thames estuary she was posing topless enthusiastically, I didn't realise how cold she was until after I'd finished the topless poses. We then continued to have equally successful and enjoyable shoot in her newly (almost) finished studio house. A very successful day with her, I recommend her to any tog.

Shot 3 years ago

Thunder Pix said...

Had a first shoot with Lexi, hopefully the first of many. Great pre communications. prior to the shoot. For factors outside our control (transport delays and weather) the shoot was curtailed but will continue soon I hope. Friendly welcoming, great looks body and ideas, after a short time working with Lexi is like working with an old friend.

Worked from her newly acquired home studio and impressed with her ideas & enthusiasm. Though off the beaten track surrounded by ideal locations including beach, woods, building, forts and others. Because of the weather we didn't work outdoors but I hope to shoot Lexi again outdoors when this damn weather improves

Ideal model to work with, and thoroughly recommended - I look forward too how her home studio develops


Shot 3 years ago

David Taylor said...

What a wonderful shoot I had today with Lexi, she is a really perfect model to work with and it was a good fun shoot to boot! Lexi has agreed to being on my books for much creative works in the future as we both work well as a team, now I am checking my full diary to find the days free to book her up inadvance!

5 star model be assured!

Shot 3 years ago

Marc Ayres / buddha1975 said...

Had my second shoot with Lexi today and it was quality Smile Full of energy and ideas and so much fun. We managed to get three very different shoots done in one day including braving the freezing cold outside. Will defo be shooting with her again in the hopefully not too distant future. Can highly recommend Lexi for any exciting shoots you have planned.

Shot 3 years ago

XCIV Images said...

I found Lexi to be professional, a good communicator, friendly, fun, easy to work with, enthusiastic and of course great at posing. Planning to work with her again when the weather is more amenable to location shooting.

Shot 3 years ago

Keith Crystal said...

It was a delight to shoot with Lexi again. She is very friendly and takes her craft seriously. We braved a blizzard and dodgy roads to get to and from the shoot - but well worth it.

Lexi is setting up her own model agency and studio with outdoor options. In spite of her remote location, I'm sure that she will make it a success. Highly recommended - sign her up chaps and chapesses!

Shot 3 years ago

Graham Sessions said...

I have just completed my second shoot with Lexi and she is a true professional. She communicates well before the shoot and is organised, friendly, dedicated and loves her work which shows in the final images. I highly recommend this beautiful young lady to all other photographers. A great shoot - thanks Lexi. Smile

Shot 3 years ago

Woods Photography said...

What a great shoot with Lexi.

Pre-shoot communications was excellent. She did arrive late due to traffic but kept me informed of her progress. The shoot went well; great poses and she gave 100%. Lexi is a very friendly and I had a really enjoyable time.

Thanks Lexi and here's to the next time, perhaps I'll come to you!

Shot 3 years ago

Starglider Photography said...

Had another shoot with Lexi, and again we have outdone ourselves with the fun and quality of work we produced together. We managed to get through quite a few setups, and it was difficult to narrow down how many pictures to edit!

I very much look forward to working with her again, thank you soo much for the fun day!

Shot 3 years ago

Marc Ayres / buddha1975 said...

Just had my first shoot with Lexi and she was brilliant. Great pre shoot communication. On the day she was full of ideas and poses, bags of personality, really fun and very confident which was just what we required for our shoot. Really hope to work with her again in the near future. Smile

Shot 3 years ago

Harvey Gordon said...

This was my second shoot with Lexi and will not be my last. She is professional, reliable, hard working and comunicates well. Great model, great person, great fun, great images Smile Very highly recomended.

Shot 3 years ago

Myles said...

Lexi and I shot on 15th Dec 2012 . Lexi has been a model I have wanted to work with for a while now, so it was an absolute pleasure to finally be able to do so. Our few brief hours together were enjoyable and very fruitful and is a good grounding for further shoots in the not to distant future

Lexi has great pre-shoot communication, and this with her 110% professionalism and dedication to modelling alongside the added bonus of her confidence and natural beauty meant for an exciting and enjoyable shoot.

Recommended. Thanks Lexi and I hope we can work together again soon.

Shot 3 years ago

Starglider Photography said...

Due to family issues She did not come to the shoot.

Shot 3 years ago

Lenscape said...

I shot Lexi a couple of years ago in a remarkable run-down house. We worked on a load of different sets and styles, both inside and out, and she was great. She was professional and focused and added lots of her own ideas to the shoot. Lexi is slim with a great look and I'd recommend her.

Shot 6 years ago

Harvey Gordon said...

Lexi is an absolute treat to work with. Highly professional, well prepared, excellent pre-shoot communication, hard working, understands what is required in a look and throws herself into it with talent and enthusiasm. That's Lexi the model. Lexi the person is a bright, fun loving diamond with a fantastic sense of humour. She is one of the nicest and genuine people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Any photographer who does not book her deserves to have his camera confiscated Smile

Shot 3 years ago

Starglider Photography said...

Oh God, how much fun was our shoot? What was planned for a fairly straightforward shoot soon turned out into an extended bundle of laughs, but at the same time she worked like a pro in front of the camera. Direction just wasn't needed, and it was such a joy to simply point the camera and shoot away. I don't think I've taken as many photos from one shoot before, and choosing which ones to edit is proving to be a bitch!

I cannot recommend Lexi enough, and I simply cannot wait until we have another shoot together. Thank you Lexi, you were a total star!

Shot 3 years ago