Lexi Lane - Model for hire



I now work with two amazing MUA/MUAH's!

They both drive, have great rates, produce brilliant results and are very reliable and professional.

Natasha - http://purpleport.com/portfolio/natashatamsinmua/

Rachael - http://purpleport.com/portfolio/rachaelhenighanmua/

My work with them - http://purpleport.com/portfolio-image-album.asp?id=38209

Even though I can apply basic make up, I have never been the most girliest of girls, so to really get the best out of me, I strongly recommend booking one of these two lovely ladies too. If it is a paid shoot, I will help with costs - meaning that you get me, a studio and an MUA/MUAH for a very good price!

This year (2017) I plan to better my make up skills, by working closely with Rachel, who teaches make up application - so watch this space!!!