Lexi Lane - Model for hire


Make Up & Photography by - Visual Xstasy


My name is Lexi and I am a 27 year old, model/photographer/studio owner and family carer based in Kent. I have been modelling for a good few years now, (since early 2008) and absolutely love it! I do this full time as well as care for a family member.

Modelling gives me a chance to sink my teeth into new, exciting and challenging projects on a regular basis, always keeping me busy and on my toes. What do I enjoy shooting most? Anything thought provoking, arty, saucy or elegant. Something with a story. Something that makes me feel something when I look at it.

I am professional, punctual and reliable, with, might I add, a damn good sense of humour. You have to have fun while shooting. If you don't there is no point. It really does come across in your images if your not happy and completely comfortable in what you are doing. I am straight-talking and never do anything I am not comfortable with. So, in a nutshell, if you book me for a shoot, there is no chance of me turning up and saying 'Oh sorry, actually I'm not comfortable with that.'

I can do my hair and make-up to a good standard, and always feel it is important to ask the photographer how they would like me to apply and style it.



A huge part of my job, is helping amateurs break through the confidence barrier and develop their skills behind the lens. I also help a lot of photographers who usually shoot weddings or landscapes etc too. I find it very rewarding and very much how a proud, chocked up, Mum would feel sending their child to school for the first time! I love watching the people i help progress and wouldn't change it for the world.


I also mentor a lot of models too and enjoy helping them along their way. I can also offer portfolio shoots too, which can be helpful as I not only am I a female, but a model too.


I have a funky little home studio, with four rooms for shooting (including a pure white room), lights, camera and plenty of experience! I also dabble in photography too, so i can offer models TF shoots to build their portfolio and help them with poses etc as we go.

There are also many services that my studio offers too, such as workshops and courses etc.


I promise to stick by you on your journey for as long as you need me. If you need anything atall i'm here! Auntie Lexi to the rescue lol.